Common Loon

“We all experience ‘soul moments’ in life – when we see a magnificent sunrise, hear the call of the loon, see the wrinkles in our mother’s hands, or smell the sweetness of a baby. During these moments, our body, as well as our brain, resonates as we experience the glory of being a human being.”

~Marian Woodman, (1928- ) Writer, international teacher, and Jungian analyst

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This is a young loon swimming in the shadows of a lake on an autumn morning.  The calls of a common loon across a lake are magical.  If you have not heard any before, click on the links below for a sampling:


House Wren

“Shh.  Listen to the sounds that surround you.  Notice the pitches, the volumes, the timbre, the many lines of counterpoint.  As light taught Monet to paint, the earth may be teaching you music.”

~ Pete Seeger (1919-2014) American folksinger and social activist


While the House Wren is rather small and plain in appearance, the song it sings is big, bright, and melodious.  I look forward to hearing it every spring!  If you have not heard this tuneful bird, please check out the following link and become acquainted: