My grandfather gave me my first camera back in the 1960s.  It was an early Kodak instamatic that required square flashcubes and a 126 film cartridge.  I loved that camera.  I was about ten years old and used it to take pictures of all my friends, family, and pets!  It was wonderful.  Flashcube_on_Kodak_Instamatic

But then of course, reality set in and the cost of buying film and developing it became a real challenge for someone in elementary school.  Nevertheless, I was smitten with photography and have pursued this hobby ever since.

I enjoy all sorts of photography, but intend to use this blog primarily to share my love of the natural world.  Growing up in Minnesota has given me a real appreciation for lakes, forests, farms, the four seasons, and all sorts of different wildlife.  Whether working in my garden, walking in the woods, driving on dirt roads, or paddling on a lake, I can say with certainty that nature rejuvenates my spirit and calms my heart.


Thank you so much for stopping by!