Speed and Grace

Go out, go out I beg of you

And taste the beauty of the wild.

Behold the miracle of the earth

With all the wonder of a child.

~Edna Jaques, (1891-1978) Canadian lecturer, author and poet


In reviewing this photo I noticed just how long and narrow are the legs of the white-tailed deer.  And, I considered that these very same legs are their best defense against the dangers of their environment.  For as I approached the deer, they turned to run from me with tremendous grace and speed.  Amazing.


About chickadee1220

My name is Mara. I am Minnesota born and raised. Four seasons, forests, farms, and 10,000 lakes have given me a deep appreciation for nature. Photography helps me to share this love with others. And, once in awhile, I find myself interested in sociology. Go figure.