The Green Heron

I once had the good fortune to discover a Green Heron living on a local pond.  I visited regularly over the course of one summer.  He/she became accustomed enough to me and my camera that I could sit quietly on the shore and watch its daily activities.  All of these shots were taken one beautiful summer afternoon on a pond in Minnesota.

According to, Green Herons live around wooded ponds, marshes, rivers, reservoirs, and estuaries.  They are common and widespread, but can be difficult to notice at first. Whereas larger herons tend to stand prominently in open parts of wetlands, Green Herons tend to be at the edges, in shallow water, or concealed in vegetation. To find one, visit a wetland and carefully scan the banks looking for a small, hunch-backed bird with a long, straight bill staring intently at the water.

Green Herons stand motionless at the water’s edge as they hunt for fish and amphibians. They typically stand on vegetation or solid ground, and they don’t wade as often as larger herons.

The Green Heron is one of the world’s few tool-using bird species. It creates fishing lures with bread crusts, insects, earthworms, twigs, feathers, and other objects, dropping them on the surface of the water to entice small fish.


About chickadee1220

My name is Mara. I am Minnesota born and raised. Four seasons, forests, farms, and 10,000 lakes have given me a deep appreciation for nature. Photography helps me to share this love with others. And, once in awhile, I find myself interested in sociology. Go figure.